What Goes Around Comes Around PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 05 May 2004 00:00
 We own a house in Orillia that we were renting out for income while we traveled however we have learned that being an absentee landlord does not work well. In fact we know from past experience that being any kind of landlord is not easy but it becomes doubly hard when we aren't around.
We were especially careful this time (we thought) and we were sure we had the ideal tenant. While we owned our house and operated it as a B & B, we had a great housekeeper, Heather, whom we treated as family. She and her husband and little girl were living in a rundown townhouse complex when she first started working for us two and a half years ago. They saw no way out of their housing situation and we wanted to help them out so we bought a great house in Orillia that they rented from us. As long as she worked for us, we deducted her rent from her pay weekly and everyone was happy, however that all changed when we no longer required her services. She did a great job looking after the house but a terrible job paying her rent.
So now the house is vacant and for sale. Rick flew home today to clean it up and repair some damage our "trusted" friend left behind. She owes us some back rent and even dug up the perennials that were planted around the house! I have always believed that we should treat others the way we expect to be treated. Someday those people who have taken advantage of us in the past will know how it feels and when that happens, I hope they will reflect on their behaviour. In the meantime we will still treat others with respect and be considerate of them but we won't be so trusting. Remember folks, what goes around comes around!