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Thursday, 06 May 2004 00:00
 Rick left for Orillia yesterday afternoon so I spent my first night alone in the motorhome without him. Sam, the cat was extremely glad to see me and is probably feeling a little out of sorts because first Sasha disappears and now Rick is gone, too. She snuggled up to me all night long and sat on my lap while I had my breakfast and called Jamie to wish him Happy Birthday.
Today, Karley and I spent the morning doing the last of some major cleaning for a while. Ian has just a few finishing touches and the main level of the house is just about finished for now. His next project is to add a bathroom upstairs so when that happens the dust will fly again but for now, the house is beginning to feel like a home.
This afternoon we went out for a late lunch (or more like an early dinner) and then we went shopping for some little things that were needed to complete the house project. We bought a new broom, a couple of baskets, a swiffer, a shower curtain and a few groceries. Ian was taking a much-deserved break from his renovations and went out for the evening with a friend, so Karley and I went for a walk along Commercial Drive.

The weather here was wonderful today, clear and sunny with a temperature of 20C (68F) so the street was full of activity. The many pubs, coffee shops and restaurants were bustling with people and the gelato vendors had the usual line ups. However, that didn't stop us from getting a dish of it for dessert. We took our time getting back and when we entered the motorhome, Sam loudly greeted us. She misses Rick and that is extremely evident. While I sat at my computer, she sat on my lap the entire time and to think I may have to deal with this for another 10 days.

Rickey, we want you to come home soon! Smile