Sam's New Life PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 May 2004 00:00
Since Sunday, when we moved Sasha into her new home, Ian's house, Sam, our old cat, has returned to her pre-Sasha self again. She loves being an only cat. She stays up through the day hanging around and playing again, something she stopped doing when Sasha came into our lives. When I am sitting at my computer, she sits right beside it purring contentedly, waiting for a rub or hug in between my typing and surfing. She waits at the door if we are out and meows at us when we return. She doesn't seem to be missing her "sister" at all.
Sasha on the other hand is a little out of sorts, confused and in hiding all day long. However, she does surface at night and she and Mina are both learning about each other. Yesterday we couldn't find Sasha anywhere and we all looked for her in every nook and cranny. Ian's biggest fear was that she had entered one of the exposed heating ducts and was lost in the bowels of the house. By 7:00 o'clock, Rick was looking in the Yellow Pages to find someone with one of those cameras that go into sewers and pipes to locate blockages. Before he called we took one last look for her and sure enough we found her flattened out under Karley's dresser in a spare room. This little cat is part bat (I swear) by the way she manages to squeeze into the tiniest spaces imaginable. She was hungry, thirsty and needing to use the litter box, but no worse for wear and at 4:00 AM she was on Karley and Ian's bed purring and looking for affection. We are all adjusting to the changes.
We are enjoying our "down time," not travelling or sight seeing because after four months we needed to catch our breath. It allows us to get some odds and ends looked after and I can write about things other than sights and traveling. Often when we were on the road ideas would pass through my head that I wanted to share but I didn't have room for. Now I have the time and space to put my notions out there, good or bad. Please feel free to comment!