A Beautiful Spring in BC PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 07 May 2004 00:00
Like most people I look forward to springtime, when there are signs of new growth, the birds can be seen with pieces of grass to build nests with and we can get outside to enjoy the outdoors again. For years I was a hibernator, which was really stupid because I missed a lot. Once the weather dipped below zero and I had to dress in a coat and boots to stay warm, I'd rather stay indoors... so I did. However once we moved out of town to Horseshoe Valley, staying inside was not a good option so thanks to Barb Brown, a good friend of mine, I took up skiing and loved it. Then Jim, my late husband introduced me to snowmobiling and I became hooked to the point that I actually hated spring. I never wanted winter and the snow that came with it to end. Now I have come to appreciate all the seasons again but I think my favourite time is the spring.
The bugs haven't come out yet, there are baby animals around, the birds are loudly singing, the trees are a bright emerald and there are beautiful flowers everywhere. I first experienced BC in the springtime last year when I came out here for four days after Easter to visit Karley. My friend Dolores, who lives in Victoria, had been telling me for years that BC was gorgeous in the spring but I could never visit her then because we were preparing the resort for its seasonal opening. Now I am experiencing it for the whole season and I love it. The gardens here are beautiful and lush and there is an abundance of greenery everywhere. There are mothers with their babies in strollers, cycling enthusiasts, skate boarders and inline skaters along with joggers and walkers on every pathway. People casually window-shopping or enjoying a refreshment at a sidewalk cafe or just resting on a park bench is a common site. There is a freshness in the air here, a mixture of spring blooms, fresh rain, and moss not familiar to Ontario. And best of all, from every vantage point, snow covered mountains can be seen in the distance. Dolores was right! BC is beautiful in the spring!

This is a picture of the next door neighbour's garden seen from Ian's front porch.