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Tuesday, 18 May 2004 00:00
Late this morning Rick and I headed over to the post office on Commercial Drive to ship back my modems and two power packs; the new one I received via courier this morning and the old one. Evidently the problem with the Internet satellite is NOT with the power packs so rather than play around I am shipping them all back and Tech Mobile is sending me new modems with a new power pack. Maybe by Friday, with any luck, my email will be accessible again!
As we were on the drive we stopped at Juicy Lucy's for lunch, a great eatery and juice bar for a veggie burger. We then headed to Granville Street to find a Notary Public to have some legalities to do with the sale of our house on Brant Street in Orillia looked after. We drove by The Marilyn S. Mylrea Spiritual and Sensual Art Gallery that we visited on Saturday. It is a great gallery and we had the opportunity to speak with the artist about where she receives her inspiration. Her subject matters range from faces and figures to angels and mysticism. We weren't surprised to hear that she received her guidance from a "higher source". She also features artwork from other like-minded artists and the paintings there are absolutely beautiful.
From there we headed back to Granville Island where we wandered around more extensively than yesterday. We explored the Kid's Market, a kayak shop, a glass gallery, a natural scent shop and through the fresh food market where we found a vendor selling fresh morels. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of enjoying them, they are exotic wild mushrooms available for a short period of time every spring. We learned that because of the fires in Kelowna last year, there is an abundance of them, so they were fairly inexpensive, only $12.50 for a pound. We bought some homemade asparagus & ricotta-stuffed ravioli along with a garlic cream sauce which we will enjoy for a fabulous dinner. We certainly eat well here!