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Wednesday, 19 May 2004 00:00
Rick and I decided to go to Kitsilano today, another interesting area of Vancouver with numerous shops and eateries. First we drove through Stanley Park, went over the Lion's Gate Bridge and checked out an RV park in North Vancouver. We will be coming back to Vancouver for some time over Christmas and we want to look at options other than Ian's backyard. However, the park we looked at; the Capilano RV Park really wasn't suitable but worth investigating anyway. From there we followed Pacific Avenue and headed up 4th Street in "Kits".
We parked the car and wandered along the street, window-shopping for a while as well as looking for a place to eat. Our choice was at Terra Breads.

Here, as in most Canadian cities there are dozens of coffee shops to choose from, each with their own specialty. I saw something on the news today saying that Canadians are the largest coffee consumers in the world averaging 5 cups per day per person! In Vancouver, there are very few Tim Horton establishments; instead they have many organic coffee or espresso outlets. According to the program I saw, Timmy's has the second lowest amount of caffeine while Starbuck's has the second most. Apparently, we as consumers want more so they are all trying to come up with a better coffee. I prefer my coffee not so strong and I find that the organic coffees certainly taste better. Terra Breads coffee was quite good. where we enjoyed a wonderful tomato basil soup with tasty sandwiches and a cup of coffee. Although the forecast was calling for a sunny day, it was overcast so the warm beverages were exactly what we needed.

We continued our trek around Kitsilano and made a few purchases along our way. As you have heard before, my back has been a nuisance and today was no exception. In one store, Saje, where they specialize in natural wellness and aromatherapy, I learned of a chiropractor who also uses a different form of healthcare who might be able to help me. I have an appointment tomorrow at 11:00 am so I will let you know how it goes.