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Monday, 17 May 2004 00:00
This morning Rick and I tackled some tasks we had put off for awhile. We slept in again but when we got up we set about completing a few things. I booked our ferry passage to Victoria for June 1st, reserved a campsite at a park near the ferry terminal for May 31st, loaded my journal entries on line from Karley's computer and made two loaves of maple- banana bread. Rick contacted the Auto-trader and a Buy and Sell magazine to list the car he brought out here. He measured the full length of the motorhome towing our car so I had an accurate length when I reserved our spot on the ferry and he made some adjustments to the TV satellite dish so it would stay on signal while we are parked.
We were house sitting for Karley and Ian who were both at work. They had arranged for the cable provider to add a couple of jacks and they needed someone to be here. It allowed us to get the things we needed to do done while we waited so it was a win/win situation for all.
After we had finished doing our things and the cable guy had finished doing his, the day was nearly over, however we had time for a drive to Granville Island. It consists of a large assortment of galleries, shops, markets and eateries and is located at the waterfront, not far from here. We wandered around the streets and then went into the market where we were able to purchase some fresh fish, vegetables and bread for dinner. It reminded us much of The St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. After a pleasant barbecued dinner we relaxed and enjoyed the weather. It was a beautiful day here again (except for a short rain shower at dinnertime) with a promise of the same tomorrow. We are hoping to do some more exploring then and hopefully my power-pack will arrive from Ontario so I can check my email!