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Tuesday, 27 April 2004 00:00
We woke up early this morning after a great night's sleep. The solitude at the Bay Center/Willapa Bay KOA was so peaceful, we heard nothing but the sounds of nature all night long. The sky this morning was overcast and because we had no Internet I couldn't find out what the forecast was for anywhere else. We decided to continue our trek northward and hoped the sky would clear up to bring the temperature up above the 14C (57F) that the mercury seemed to be stuck on.
As we approached Tacoma, it appeared to be clearing but there were still plenty of clouds and the temperature didn't improve. The wind was a real challenge for Rick because it was gusty and unpredictable but we were determined to forge ahead. Seattle is a beautiful city with the skyline, the suburbs and the ocean making for a gorgeous backdrop.However, I think we are spoiled by Oregon because we found Washington lacking the appeal that we found in its neighbour to the south. Perhaps it was the route we took or our anxiousness to get back onto Canadian soil, nevertheless, we'll have to give Washington a more thorough exploration on a future visit.
We crossed into Canada at 3:00 PM from Blaine, Washington with no problems at customs at all. The Peach Arch border crossing there is without a doubt one of the prettiest anywhere with beautifully tended flower gardens and the greenest grass. We are staying at the Peace Arch RV Park in Surrey, BC for 3 days and then we will head into Vancouver. I have to say we are happy to be back in Canada, using Canadian $$'s, Celsius degrees and kilometres again! Laughing