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Wednesday, 28 April 2004 00:00

We woke up this morning feeling lopsided. The campsite we were in had a gravel "pad" surrounded by grass and with the shape of the site and the size of the motorhome; we were parked a little diagonally. Through the night, because the ground was soft, we sank about six inches into the grass, hence the lopsidedness. We also discovered that the electrical outlet was faulty and we had no shore power, so we had to run the generator for a couple of hours last night and again this morning. Before the office opened at 9:00AM we moved into a different site, nearer the back in the new section. There are no cable TV hook-ups in that section but we are experiencing clear blue skies and sunshine for the next few days so if we need a TV fix, our satellite dish works just fine anyway.

 I didn't load my journal entry yesterday because we had crossed the border and I wanted to keep that as a surprise for Karley and her partner Ian. They weren't expecting us until Friday but we couldn't wait. We drove into Vancouver this afternoon with the plan of dropping by where Karley works however when we arrived there we discovered that she had already gone for the day. So much for surprising her!

We ventured over to Ian's house and just as we pulled up, Karley, who had been walking down the street came bounding over. After an emotional greeting and lots of hugging, she gave us a tour of the house and then she graciously cleaned up our unkempt hairdos. Rick's mane had been my project for the past few months and he desperately needed a professional touch. We looked normal again just in time to finally meet the infamous "Mr. Wonderful", Ian, face to face. We thoroughly enjoyed our surprise visit, strolling around their neighbourhood and dining at one of their favourite eateries. It puts us at peace to see Karley so happy and with someone so nice! Laughing 
(On this evening we were also given a surprise (hence the title)... the news that Karley and Ian were expecting a baby at Christmas, though at this time it is to remain a secret!!)