Fun While It Lasted PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 May 2004 00:00

2004-05-12b.jpg My hair, a topic that I write about once in a while, is back to being quite curly again. When we arrived here in BC, Karley was kind enough to give it the TLC I hadn't and it has been looking a little better lately. I am very lucky because Karley is a gifted hairstylist and she is very good at transforming a chronic "bad hair day" into a civilized style.

When she first decided to move here I was devastated, not only because my firstborn child was moving 3000 miles away, but also the best hairstylist I ever had was leaving too. I got so desperate that I even flew out here once for four days partly for a visit and partly for a haircut. I hated my curly hair for years and losing the one person I trusted implicitly with it was more than I could bear!

In my youth I tried everything to tame these unruly locks from ironing them to using juice-can size, prickly rollers overnight to gobs of Dippity-Do, a heavy-duty styling gel, with tape and bobby pins, to no avail. Curly hair didn't come into fashion until the '70's in the form of "Afro's" which I tried but my hair was not curly enough to be one yet too curly to take a perm!  Yell So you see, it has taken me a lifetime to grow comfortable with my mop. (How vain is that?)
Yesterday, Karley and I decided to play with my hair and she straightened it with a commercial straightening iron. Holy garbanzo beans! Surprised What a transformation! Who was that person staring back at me in the mirror? This morning I woke up with poker straight hair, then I had a shower and my curls returned! It was fun while it lasted.