Getting Back on Track PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 13 May 2004 00:00
 Since we have been on the road traveling, it is often difficult to find spiritual-minded people when we are only in one place for a few days. As a result, I have been feeling a little out of synch with my path lately so I have been seeking ways to get "plugged in". In Ontario, I was able to feel more connected because I was involved in meditations, healings and sweat lodges with Rosanne on a regular basis. There are many avenues of spirituality here on the west coast; Reiki being one of them so I know for now this is a good place for me to be.
The weather here has been fabulous, Rick's on his way home and for the past two days, I have been attaining my Master Level in Reiki with Lyn Ayre in Coquitlam, BC. One of the reasons I decided to acquire this level was because and I know this will help to get me back on track.
Lyn and I have been email buddies for almost a year now since she attuned Karley to her Level 1, so it seemed so natural to go to her for my Master level. Like my Master in Barrie, Valerie Samson, Lyn is multi-faceted. She is a photographer, an artist, a poet, she makes natural skin-care products, she teaches meditation techniques and a crystal course as well as all the levels of Reiki just to name a few of her endeavours. She is an avid musician and dabbles with pottery and somewhere in her busy schedule she even sleeps! Her husband Norm, also an extraordinary person works along side Lyn in many of her courses and is also a Master. Lyn's journey to where she is now is remarkable and it was a treat to work with her. I have a lot of studying and homework to do before I can put my tools into action and I have no idea where it will lead but I am back on track. Thanks Lyn!