Rickey is Back and Susan is Happy...Yay! PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 16 May 2004 00:00
Rick arrived home at 12:30 AM on Saturday morning after a very long drive from Regina. He was held up in a traffic backlog in Kamloops for two and a half hours when a tractor-trailer caught on fire otherwise he would have arrived at 10:30 PM. But at least he arrived safe and sound and I am so glad he is back. On Saturday, we were both tired and as a result, had a pretty relaxing day.
We were up by 8:00 AM and Rick and I went to the International Spiritual Alliance in New Westminster where a medium informed us of Jim's presence AGAIN. We both know that he is with us always and he makes his presence known whenever possible. It is comforting to know we have his guidance and his blessings.
In the afternoon, Karley, Ian, Rick and I bicycled down to Stanley Park, English Bay and False Creek. It was a gorgeous day to do this, though it didn't start out that way as it almost looked like it would rain in the morning. There were throngs of people enjoying the weather, at every park and on every walkway and cycle path. Ian was our guide and he enabled us to see yet another view of Vancouver. It is easy to see why Vancouver is considered the best city in Canada to live in. It seems far less urban than Toronto and offers a lot more scenery and the condo and new home construction is endless. We stopped at Fiddlehead Joe's (no longer there) on the seawall on our way home for a delicious meal and then made the final trek home. It was a marvellous day! Cool