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Friday, 21 May 2004 00:00
Yesterday, I learned that I could pick up new modems today in Surrey about 35 minutes from here. I was going to have to install them myself while being taken through the setup process step by step over the phone with Tech Electronics in Lindsay. Because of the time difference and the long weekend, I needed to get this done fairly soon.

We arrived back at the house and I went about the process of installation. We were hoping it would be a simple process but it turned out to be very complicated.

Our system allows us both to be on the Internet at the same time through wireless modems so we have a small server strategically stored in the far reaches of the cupboard under the sink. Normally, we don't even think about it and we never have to get access to it, however this wasn't a normal situation and it had to be taken out of it's cubby-hole and hooked up via cable in Ian's house. After, I went through all the necessary steps we then had to put it back and hook everything up again. By Friday night and many back and forth calls, we were still without Internet access in the motorhome.

This is our last weekend here until the winter, so the four of us decided to go downtown for a nice dinner. It was cool, overcast and we were experiencing periods of rain but some areas here are already concerned by the lack of precipitation, so it was welcomed. Most restaurants here have covered outdoor patios and when it's cool they offer heaters and blankets for the patrons who wish to sit outside. We went to Cardero's in Coal Harbour, on the waterfront and sat on the patio so we could forgo the 45-minute wait. We stayed warm and dry and enjoyed the sound of the rain instead of the din of a noisy dining room. After a delicious meal we drove around the downtown core while our tour guide, Ian narrated. I can't believe how fast our time here is going by! 

This is a pic of some of the downtown area.