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Saturday, 22 May 2004 00:00
This morning we decided to venture to the Granville Market to buy something for dinner. Karley and Ian had invited some friends to join us for dinner and we were looking forward to christening the new dining room table. When we first woke up the rain was pouring down but by late morning it was evident that we were in for some decent weather.
Granville Island was certainly a lot busier on the weekend than when we had visited it earlier in the week. We wandered around the outside shops and then went into the market to see what would be on tonight's menu. We settled on fresh wild salmon, mussels, baby potatoes, veggie kabobs and an arugula-fennel salad. While we were there we bought some fresh snapper chowder and raspberry-rhubarb pie for lunch. When we got home, we started the preparations for dinner and I frustrated myself with the Internet again. After three more hours on the phones, I am no farther ahead and still waiting.
Cheryl and Kevin arrived here at 7 just as Karley and Rick were heading over to The Drive to buy some flowers. Ian was busy preparing the mussels and I played hostess. I had met Cheryl and her husband Kevin, transplanted South Africans, when I was here for a brief visit with Karley last spring. It was nice getting reacquainted with them again. Once Karley and Rick got back we all enjoyed a lively conversation and a wonderful meal. The dining room survived its first dinner and we all had a great time.