Helen is Here! PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 26 May 2004 00:00
We enjoyed the pitter-patter of rain falling throughout the night and it was still raining when we got up this morning. Rick had an appointment at 9:00 while I stayed behind and cleaned the motorhome. By the time Rick got back I had done some cleaning in between talking with Scott at Tech Electronics. We attempted to get my modems and dish to communicate with the satellite, again to no avail. I have gone beyond anger and frustation to a sort of numb acceptance. Rick put it into perspective by reminding me that my Internet hassles pale in comparison to other peoples problems such as the rampant homelessness we see here daily. I may be a little inconvenienced but I have a roof over my head, a warm comfortable bed to sleep in, food on my plate and clean clothes to wear. Really, what is the big deal about the Internet?
Helen was flying in today from Ontario and her arrival was far more important than my computer woes so we left for the airport at 12:15 to be there when her flight came in at 1:05. The weather had cleared up and was quite pleasant when we arrived there. As it turned out, her flight was delayed and she didn't get in until 1:30. The Vancouver Airport is one of the easiest ones to get around in and is totally "passenger friendly". We had time to enjoy a coffee and some lunch while we waited. After she arrived we drove downtown to show her where the condo complex will be and took her to see the model suite. We headed back to the house at around 4:00 PM.to find that Scott called while I was out to let me know that someone from BC would be calling me to set up a time to come and service the satellite. I still won't have service until at least after the weekend but I can now receive email and respond to it, so feel free to write to me again.
Karley and Ian arrived home at around 7:00 so we decided to eat in. Karley, Ian and Rick headed out to The Drive while Helen and I stayed behind to chat. When "The Kids" returned, we enjoyed a delicious Thai dinner together. It will be nice to spend some time visiting with Helen over the next two weeks.