It's a Soggy Day PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 May 2004 00:00
We have enjoyed great weather here pretty much since we arrived a month ago but for the past two days it has been raining fairly steadily. We are blaming Helen because she flew in from Ontario where they too have been experiencing a lot of rain lately and since she arrived here, it finally cleared up there. The interior of BC where they experienced a massive drought last year resulted in some serious wildfires, so they are happy to finally see this precipitation. On the other hand, while we have a visitor, we would be happy if it would hold off for two more weeks but unfortunately, we cannot control the weather. Thank goodness for umbrellas and raincoats!
Helen is a little jet-lagged today so we took our time getting started this morning. I was finally able to upload my journal entries from the past couple of days and check and respond to my email and do some online banking. I had been putting off these tasks thinking that I would be able to do it all from the comfort of the motorhome but that just isn't meant to be. My Internet inconvenience has actually been good for me because I was spending too much time on my computer anyway. Since it hasn't been available at my workstation I have been able to read, walk more and enjoy my surroundings more. Everything happens for a reason!
We took Helen down to the Granville Market for lunch as it is indoors and we had some groceries to pick up. As usual, it was abuzz with other shoppers trying to stay dry and looking for fresh fish, produce or crafts. We enjoyed a yummy lunch, bought our groceries and drove over to Chinatown just to sightsee. We had a quiet day, relaxing and just doing what we needed to do.

 I like days like this; we all need them once in a while. Smile