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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Thursday, 11 March 2004 00:00
mar 11-04.jpgToday, I was determined to get my Datastorm Internet dish working. The service here, Tengo Internet, makes my old landline that ran as slow as I could imagine, look like a Concord Jet by comparison! As luck would have it, I had the needed cable here and once things were configured it worked like a charm. Datastorm, welcome back!!!

Rick finished cleaning the motorhome, including the roof, so we stayed here until after lunch. We wanted to find a Costco, so I went online and found the nearest one to here, just 15 miles away. It is a fairly new Costco, two and a half years old, but set up in a different way than any of the others we have been to and definitely nicer. They had a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as seafood, books and clothes along with a lot of stuff we haven't seen at a Costco before.

From there, we went to Super Target, another new store. It has huge, clean, nice wide uncluttered aisles with great quality products at a discounted price (we know now that by far, we prefer Target stores to Wal-Mart.) Our experience is that Target carries better quality brands at very competitive prices and their stores are cleaner and easier to get around in. Most Wal-Marts we've been to are cluttered, messy, difficult to manoeuvre in and a lot of their products are of a lower quality. I would love to see Target come to Canada and give Wal-Mart a run for their money. Money mouth

There is a lot of construction going on here in Dallas as there was when we were here in 2002. The highways are growing in every direction including up; they are layered as many as five freeways deep. The subdivisions are sprawled out with new schools, stores and churches. If the US has been in a recession, it appears as though Texas, or at least Dallas was excluded. (Isn't George Bush from Texas? Wink) The weather today was cooler, 18C (64F) but mostly sunny however there are clouds moving in and they are calling for thunderstorms by Saturday.

Here is another view of Destiny Dallas!