To Corpus Christi by Motorcycle PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Wednesday, 17 March 2004 00:00
This morning, the weatherman was right! We woke up to blue sky and the temperature was quickly rising to the predicted high of 28C (83F), a perfect day to ride to Corpus Christi on Harley's. Rob and Rosanne were driving an Ultra-Classic Decker with cruise control, a stereo, a windshield and a big padded seat . We were on a Road King, with the bare essentials, a windshield and a smaller padded seatFrown The dealer didn't have two Classics... unfortunately.

The drive was fabulous; we enjoyed the abundance of dogwood flowers, cacti and palm trees. There are miles and miles of fields and every so often we'd see an oil derrick pumping in the middle of one. As we got closer to Corpus Christi, there were more oil derricks and dozens of refineries.
We wanted to go to the USS Lexington, a retired US Navy Aircraft Carrier now open to the public and docked at the waterfront. The ship was very impressive and housed several retired planes, each with some very interesting history. I couldn't help but think how much my late dad and my son Jamie would have enjoyed seeing this. (Jamie; because he is a pilot and Dad because he too was a pilot who also flew during WW2). 
After we finished our tour, we went over to a beachfront restaurant, Pier 99, for a late lunch and early dinner. Rick and I had a wonderful grilled shrimp dinner while Rob and Rosanne had a steak added to theirs. It was a delicious meal but we needed to walk after we finished it. We walked over to a local souvenir store to browse and finally hesitantly we remounted the bikes to head home. My butt was hurting and I wasn't looking forward to another ride of 150+ miles back to Boerne.
Fortunately, I had earplugs in so my hearing was preserved (unlike Rick, Rob and Rosanne) and I bought a bandana to prevent any further damage to my hair.) Rebels as we were, because there isn't a helmet law here, we rode helmetless all day however, it is hard on the hair, particularly long, curly stuff!!! When we arrived home, we peeled ourselves off the bikes and sat back to watch a later edition of American Idol. Our bodies were looking forward to a good night's sleep.