Rosanne, the Gifted PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Saturday, 20 March 2004 00:00

Today we had a 5 to 6 hour drive ahead of us, but we weren't in a big hurry. I have been having recurring stomach problems since before Christmas and they returned at full force yesterday. Last night, Rob began to feel nauseous also and he had been up on and off through the night. It seems we caught a bug (or food poisoning) of some sort, so we weren't really lively when we first got up. We still managed to be on the road by 10:00 AM however, I spent most of the drive lying down on the couch. Rosanne was able to place a chair between the two front seats so she could enjoy the scenery and Rob and I dozed on and off, he in the passenger seat and me on the couch. The trip up to Dallas was a lot more scenic than taking the freeway, so I am a little disappointed that I missed it. Fortunately Rosanne was able to take some pictures and this is one of them.

When we arrived at Destiny Dallas, Rosanne was kind enough to do a healing on me. It was extremely powerful and Jim (once again) came through with her right away. She said that he wanted to be part of the healing and she felt his hands work on top of Running Bear's, her high guide. Rosanne and I felt the presence of many spirits working with her and she spent almost an hour on me. When I opened my eyes after she was finished, I had tears on my cheeks that I have no recollection of making. She then told me of what she saw/felt during my healing and she shared something that Jim had come through with, for which he apologized. It was very emotional and she said that when he had said it she felt a flood of tears as well, which explained my wet eyes. After we were finished, my nausea had gone and I felt better than I had for two days. Her healing gift has become much more powerful!

Rosanne wanted to treat us to a meal so we ventured out to the Olive Garden for a delicious farewell dinner. It was 32C (92F) when we arrived in Dallas and it had only dropped down to around 24C (75F) so we chose to eat outside on the patio. Just before we were seated Rob noticed lightening in the distance and stated that there was a storm heading in our direction. Sure enough, just as we were finishing our meal, the manager came around to let us know that they were making room inside for the patio diners. Because we were pretty much done, Rosanne paid the bill and we left just as the rain and wind started to blow. We got back to the motorhome in time to shut the windows and watch a little TV before bed. We knew we had an early start in the morning as Rob and Rosanne had to be at the airport by 7:00 AM.