A Sick Day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Wednesday, 24 March 2004 00:00
My poor Rickey! He is still sick; actually today he seems worse than ever. Frown We woke up late and we hung out here until noon when Brad and Pat came by to see our "house". By then Rick was feeling pretty good, so we went out for a bite to eat in Conroe, a nearby suburb. It was a great lunch and afterwards it started to rain so we headed back to the campsite. Brad and Pat went home and we made plans to meet up with them for dinner later. In the meantime, Rick thought he would have a nap while I finally proceeded to go through the stacks of mail Rob and Rosanne had brought with them last week. 
One envelope at a time, I sorted through it and determined what we could do without. I contacted anyone I could by email to either be removed from their mailing list or to give them our new mailing address. I had done all of this once before, in December prior to our departure, however our "home" address has changed again and I had evidently missed some mailers. Whoever I couldn't reach by email I either phoned or wrote them a letter. I just cannot believe how much junk we get that is so unnecessary! For instance, I received an invoice from Telus, our old cell phone provider, showing a zero balance and no charges for the month; likewise from the 407 ETR. What stupidity!
At 6:30 PM Rick woke up feeling extremely nauseous and I had to call Brad to cancel our dinner date. Hopefully, he will be feeling better tomorrow but if not, we will spend another day here for him to rest. My driver needs his health!
Bluebells are in season in Texas right now and we see them everywhere growing wild. Here is a picture of them in abundance at the side of a road.