Moving Into Vancouver PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 April 2004 00:00
This morning we were up early and prepared the motorhome for our move into Vancouver. We are parking in the backyard of Ian's house for a month and we wanted to get there before he went into work at noon, only a half-day commitment today. The drive in was great, clear blue sky and sunshine...again.
The route we took is a truck route, however the streets are narrow and it is times like these when I am thankful for Rick's expertise. Like all large cities, when you get into the older, established areas, the yards are small and many are accessible by back alleys. Rick very competently managed to squeeze through the alley behind the house and with some fancy manoeuvring park it in the backyard, leaving enough space for three cars. I am thankful we don't have to move it again for a month.
Later we set things up, did a little shopping and once Ian got home from work, the four of us went for a walk along the waterfront in an area known as False Creek . This area was a centuries-old fishing settlement when a British surveyor discovered in 1859 that it wasn't connected to Vancouver's inner harbour. He was so disappointed that he dismissed the area as a "false creek". It is a very trendy area with beautiful condominiums, a picturesque harbour and walking and biking trails. I think we will enjoy learning about Vancouver and all it has to offer.