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Monday, 10 May 2004 00:00

2004-05-10.jpgThis morning I slept in partly because I had a late night, partly because it was raining lightly but mostly because I could. Karley had a number of errands to run so it was a great opportunity for me to have some alone time. Periodically I would go in the house and Sasha would come out purring. She has adjusted to her new home and sister-cat "Mina" even though they are still in the hissing and growling stages. I am so relieved because I was beginning to feel guilty with the way she was hiding all day in fear but now at least they can be in the same room together. Sam is basking in the solo spotlight either beside me or on me whenever I am in the motorhome, so all is well on the pet front.

This evening Karley and I and her friends, Suzanne and Betty went out for dinner. Betty is a salon owner here in Vancouver, a client of Karley's when she was a sales rep for a beauty supply company and Suzanne, a DJ, an event promoter, the owner of two motorcycles and a website We enjoyed a delicious ethnic dinner at The New India Buffet and Restaurant on West Broadway with a fabulous view of downtown Vancouver.
Ian comes back tonight so Karley will be happy. Meanwhile, Rick is still in Ontario heading here either Wednesday or Thursday. He is driving here apparently, bringing out a car to be sold so it will be three or four days after that before he gets back. The good news is he sold the house while he was there so the trip was well worth it. I am managing to keep myself busy enough not to miss him too much however I will be glad when he gets back. We do better as a team, he and I, and we aren't apart very often.... and you know what they say...absence makes the heart grow fonder!