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Saturday, 29 May 2004 00:00
When Rick and I arrived here last month, we surprised Karley and Ian with our arrival. They weren't expecting us until May 1st and we showed up three days early. On that first night, they seemed a little apprehensive however we just thought it was because they weren't really ready for us but we later learned it was for another reason altogether.
That night we went out for dinner and we were thrilled to learn that we were going to become grandparents! Karley is expecting their first child at Christmas time! I have been patiently waiting to share this news with everyone but I had to wait until now because they weren't able to tell Ian's parents until Friday night. I learned that Ian's mother checks in on our webpage periodically and we couldn't risk her learning of their first grandchild that way. They were away in Europe on holidays and only returned home on Tuesday and this was the first opportunity Ian had to share the news. So at last the cat is officially out of the bag (or is it that the bun is in the oven?).
Karley has been experiencing the joys of morning sickness and food turn-offs. Together, Ian and Karley have gone through the emotions of shock (Jr. wasn't planned, but is very wanted), fear of the unknown and the joy of the future together. We are all more observant of other expectant mothers and little babies. Rick and I are very excited and will be hanging around Vancouver from November to February to be of help where needed. This is our first grandchild too and his or her life is something we want to be part of.
Last night we all went out for dinner to celebrate Jr.s arrival and for our "farewell for now". We are embarking on another new journey and I will be happily sharing the progress over the next few months.