Sasha's New "Old" Home PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 02 May 2004 00:00
Sasha, our cute little brown cat will be three years old in July. She is full of inquisitive energy that has caused us concern on many occasions. In the wee hours of the morning, before we are ready to rise for the day she is often charging back and forth from our bedroom into the living room at high speed. When she does that she not only disturbs us, but poor nine-year-old Sam is annoyed as well.
Sasha came to us from Karley when she decided to move here from Ontario two years ago. Sam was extremely disconcerted because she was very content being an only cat and has never really "embraced" this hyper outsider. Even, after several months she was still not warming up to her and now after two years has only learned to tolerate her. They would compete for affection and Sam would often just give up because it wasn't worth a scratch across the nose.
Karley and Ian have a two-year-old cat, Mina, who they have wanted to get a playmate for, so it only seems right that Sasha should become that playmate. Today, Karley and I went to get Sasha a scratching post after Rick and I brought her into the house. (Sasha is trained to use a scratching post and the one in the motorhome is really just our carpet-covered table leg.) Mina went into hiding but by the time we went to bed Sasha came out of her hiding spot and Mina checked out the scent of this stranger a couple of times.
Hopefully in a few days or a week or two they will be friends because Ian's house is a lot bigger for Sasha to run in and they both could use a playmate of the same age. I suppose time will tell meanwhile Sam seems very happy to be the center of our attention once again!