Mother's Day 2004 Print
Sunday, 09 May 2004 00:00
 It is Mother's Day today and Ian and Rick are both away so Karley and I hung out together and did Mommy-daughter things. After breakfast, Karley and I headed to the International Spiritualist Alliance a type of "church" (for lack of a better description).

I typically am not a church-goer mainly because my experience with the ones I have attended in the past is that they promote "God-fearing" and condemn non-church-goers to "hell". I have no fear of God because I know "him" to be all-loving and non-judgemental, so as not to be feared and I believe hell to be a man-made manifestation so I suppose to many I am a "sinner". The Spiritualist Alliance promotes love and encourages people to think for themselves knowing that as individuals we are all at our own level of understanding. We had a very positive experience there and I found it refreshing to be in a room with others who are of the same mindset as me.
When we got home, I gave Karley a Reiki treatment before going to the nearby gym to workout. Afterwards we went shopping for some items to make a vegetarian chili and a broccoli/mushroom casserole, (both of which were delicious). The Drive was alive with people, many of them mothers with their families enjoying the weather and the many outdoor eateries. We were going to go to a movie but decided against it. It was nice to cook together, talk about girl things and just enjoy each other's company. Both Jay and Jamie called to wish me Happy Mother's Day and Jay sent me some flowers.

I had a fabulous day being a Mom and I wish all you Moms out there, a Happy Mother's Day of your own! Wink