My Rickey's Comin' Back Tonight! Print
Friday, 14 May 2004 00:00
may 14-04.jpgRick stayed in Regina last night and was on the road early this morning. He plans to be back by tonight... what a guy! He left Wednesday afternoon so he has done some serious driving over the past two and a half days and he is alone: no co-driver. I have missed him a lot.

We both love and respect each other very much and as I said earlie,r don't do well apart. When we first embarked upon this journey we were met by many curious folks who wondered how we could manage being together all the time. In a motorhome, it's not like there is anywhere to get away from each other so we know for some people this lifestyle would be impossible. We really enjoy spending time with each other, talking, exploring, reading, walking, playing cards, watching TV or doing nothing at all. We often encounter a plan or idea that alone we struggle with but when we put our heads together, we resolve any difficulties instantly. We're just good together, like pie and ice cream (and thanks to Google Images for this picture!)

We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on April 1st however we have been together 10 years and we still feel newly married. We started our relationship as good friends and we both had past marriages that we learned from. I think those two factors play a huge role in the success of our marriage. In this day and age when marriages end in divorce 50% of the time, to have found someone like Rick who is committed, kind, thoughtful, considerate and he makes me laugh, I feel so blessed. Our marriage requires very little work and that I attribute to our ages and our mutual respect. I am much mellower now than I was in my 20's and 30's and Rick is certainly more settled.
In case it isn't yet obvious, I am excited that he will be here tonight!